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S & B Prospective Sdn Bhd. Corporate in 2008, is the communication based company working in the area of “Interactive Voice Response” (IVR), CRBT & SMS service using telecommunication based in Malaysia & Middle East countries.

S & B is a leading content aggregator of Nepalese IVR & Text News, horoscope, Cinema club, Jokes entertainment, full audio songs for RBT & IVR. We have full authority to distribute its mobile content to entire world. We are partnership with some operator companies’ and service companies of Malaysia, India & UAE.

S & B is the best product & service provider through which our partners and services companies our content digitally distributed to across the Middle East, Fiji and Asia especially truly Asia Malaysia. We are renowned for the most exciting advertising and marketing projects too.

Our Mobile contents are very popular among Non-Resident Nepalese (NRNA) in Malaysia, Middle East countries & Asia.